Scor3card® pricing is based on two criteria: the size and ownership of the facility. Tenants are considered facilities that do not control their utilities and are not sub metered. Additionally, Scor3card® participation is based on the facility site; only one site can report per Scor3card®. Organizations with multiple facilities under the same name can consider add-on options.

Scor3card® Add-Ons

The two options for Scor3card® add-ons are one verified option and one non-verified option. Any additional facilities under ownership of an organization can be added into Scor3card® at-will of the main facility.

The verified additional facility option replicates the tiered pricing of the main facility fee, but at a substantial discount. This option is perfect for organizations that want to ‘compete’ on their Scor3cards® and grow alongside each other.

The non-verified additional facility option is a flat fee. The option is perfect for organizations with many facilities that might have similar sustainable directives. It can be an excellent benchmarking tool for a manager.


Each verified Scor3card® participant receives two user access log-ins with their membership. Non-verified Scor3card® participants receive one user access log-in. To purchase additional licenses, contact the Scor3card® Coordinator.

For multi-facility Scor3card® participants, Scor3card® team leads will have viewing access to all associated Scor3cards®.